Sustainability & transparency are very important to us at Jeuneora, underpinning everything we do.  This not only includes how our ingredients are sourced, but also the means in which they are produced, how they are packaged, and the impact this has on the environment.

Recycling Programme

We are extremely excited to announce that our Australian and New Zealand customers can now recycle all of their plastic Jeuneora containers and scoops by joining our free-to-use Terracycle recycling programme HERE

Terracycle have a zero landfill policy meaning everything that gets sent back to them will be repurposed, meaning your used containers will be turned into new objects like playground equipment, furniture and more!


When we began searching for the highest quality, scientifically researched ingredients to make our products, it was important that we first discussed with our suppliers the issue of sustainability.

Part of the benefit of a product like marine collagen is that it enables us to choose a sustainable option and use the parts of the animal (ie. fish skin) that would otherwise be discarded by the fishing industry.  We value a nose-to-tail philosophy and this has always been one of our main criteria when selecting suppliers. 

All of our Hydrolysed Marine Collagen is sourced from Europe.  Our selected suppliers take pride in being part of the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) which is an international environmental certification body created to certify fisheries according to environmental criteria.  This criteria includes stock management (making sure the fish by-product used in making the marine collagen are from fish that are not a critically endangered fish species as listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature red list), as well as ecosystem maintenance and traceability.

Our supplier of Keratin is locally based in New Zealand, and takes pride in the sustainability of their functional Keratin products that are derived from New Zealand sheep wool.   The wool is shorn from sheep at the start of each summer ensuring the sheep survive the summer heat whilst growing a new coat in time to be well protected for winter.  All of the sheep wool comes from grass fed, free range New Zealand sheep, and all possible care is taken not to harm any animal in the process of shearing.

Our Whey Protein Concentrate is sourced from sustainably farmed, pasture fed, free range, GMO free cattle in Australia, ensuring it is of the highest quality.

The Type II New Zealand Bovine Collagen in our Whey Protein + Collagen Complex Powder comes from the South Island of New Zealand from pasture fed, free range & GMO free cattle.  Bovine collagen is a by-product of the beef industry, and is extracted in a process that is in-line with our nose-to-tail (no waste) philosophy.

Formulation & Manufacturing

We do not test on animals at any stage of our product journey.  This includes from ingredient supply to the end consumer product.

All of our products are formulated and manufactured in New Zealand at GMP / MPI certified factories.  

At Jeuneora, we take a bespoke and hands-on approach to all of our products. None of our supplements are bulk-bought or ready-made, and we take pride in personally testing each batch and new formula we create - ourselves.

We are very proud of this transparent process, and will continue to seek out the highest quality, most sustainable ingredients we can find in order to continue producing products we are proud to share with likeminded people around the world.