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Discover our best gut health supplements. Whether you're looking for marine collagen or plant-based supplements, we have a range of gut health powders and capsules to support your digestive health.

Gut Health Supplements

Supplements for digestive health

Looking for gut health supplements in New Zealand? Several of our supplements include special ingredients and vitamins for gut health. Beauty Brain is our favourite gut health powder. It contains a special fibre sourced from the heartwood of the North American Larch tree. Larch Fibre is a good source of prebiotic fibre that works to assist the growth of beneficial bacteria for a healthier gut. Click here to learn more.

Many of our customers swear by Renew+ Marine Collagen as our best supplement for gut health. Marine Collagen is known to support gut health and this special formulation also includes Bromelain - a digestive enzyme that's extracted from the pineapple stem. Click here to read the reviews and see why our customers love Renew+ so much for gut health.