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Skincare and health benefits of Vitamin C

September 23, 2021
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Vitamin C has been the talk of the town for a while now, and for very good reason. It’s a powerful antioxidant, and research has shown that there are a heap of Vitamin C benefits for your skin. There are also many overall health benefits of Vitamin C, which shows us that whether you apply it topically or enjoy it as a supplement, your body will love you for it.

To better understand the hype around this skin-loving, immunity boosting ingredient, let’s discuss the beauty and health benefits of Vitamin C and find out how to integrate it into your daily self-care routine.


Health benefits of Vitamin C

There’s a reason why you’ll find Vitamin C in many supplements - it’s a fundamental vitamin that’s necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. Since the body can’t naturally produce or store Vitamin C, many people turn to supplements to increase their Vitamin C intake and ensure their body has enough of it.

So, what are some Vitamin C supplement benefits?

  • Supports your immune system
  • Helps protect against free radicals
  • Helps with iron absorption
  • Supports tissue repair
  • Supports collagen production

Fun fact: As well as giving us all sorts of internal health benefits, a Vitamin C supplement can also help with your hair, skin and nail health because Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen. This is why you’ll often see Marine Collagen products with added Vitamin C.

Woman standing in the kitchen making Renew+ Marine Collagen Super Powder drink 

How Can I Take Vitamin C Every Day?

Make sure you eat a nutritious, balanced diet. You’ll find it in lots of fruit and vegetables (like kiwifruit, spinach, kale, kakadu plums, oranges and brussel sprouts), as well as in herbs like thyme and parsley. You can also try adding in supplements to increase your Vitamin C intake. Vitamin C supplements can come in the form of tablets, powders or gummies. You’ll find it in our customer-favourite Renew+ Marine Collagen Super Powder, along with some other powerhouse ingredients like Marine Collagen, Zeolite, Bromelain and Hyaluronic Acid.


Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C

There are tonnes of reasons why Vitamin C is such a sought-after ingredient in any basic beauty routine. Not only does it protect our skin against free radicals and environmental pollution; it also brightens skin, helps to fade dark spots, reduces wrinkles and supports collagen production.  


How does Vitamin C brighten skin?

This brightening agent decreases the skin’s melanin production, which in turn fades dark spots. Dark spots can be a result of acne scarring, hormonal changes or damage from the sun, but a topical Vitamin C product like Brightening Booster works to save your skin from dullness, improve uneven skin tone and enhance radiance.


How does Vitamin C help wrinkles?

Vitamin C essentially teaches the skin to regenerate and accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, which are protein fibers responsible for keeping skin firm and plump.


How does Vitamin C support collagen production?

By supporting collagen synthesis, it encourages your body to produce more collagen which leads to plumper, younger-looking skin.

Woman with bright happy skin in orange bathroom, holding Vitamin C serum and orange fruit

Who can benefit from Vitamin C?

All skin types will love Vitamin C! They’ll drink it right up. Especially dull, rough, ageing skin, or skin with dark spots. It’s important to find out which Vitamin C serum is best for your skin type.

For acne-prone and sensitive skin, you’ll need a non-irritating form of Vitamin C with a pH level that’s close to the skin’s natural pH level of 5.5. That’s why we chose to use L-Ascorbic Acid in our Brightening Booster - because it will suit all skin types - even the most sensitive! As an extra bonus, it’s also been studied to be the most effective at penetrating the skin barrier. If you do have sensitive skin, it’s important that your Vitamin C serum also contains soothing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and calm your skin while the Vitamin C works its magic.


How do I store my Vitamin C?

You may have heard of Vitamin C serums going off or starting to smell a bit funky. This is because when you expose L-Ascorbic Acid to light and air, it oxidises and the Vitamin C stops doing what it’s meant to. That’s why Brightening Booster is packaged in a (very cute) air-restrictive bottle, to make it last. You’ll also notice Renew+ is packaged in light-restrictive pottles with a screw-top lid to prolong the shelf life and maintain the Vitamin C’s stability and efficacy.

Woman applying orange Vitamin C serum onto skin in morning skincare routine

So, when should you use Vitamin C?

To really reap the beauty benefits of Vitamin C, we recommend using it daily in the morning - because consistency is key if you’re looking to brighten skin or fade dark spots. Vitamin C also has antioxidant properties to protect your skin from free radicals during the day.


Glow-Up with Vitamin C skincare and supplements
If you think Vitamin C deserves a permanent place in your skincare and wellbeing routine (spoiler: it does!), check out our Vitamin C products below.

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