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Your Marine Collagen questions answered

July 02, 2020
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Every day loads of our wonderful customers slide into our DMs to ask us about collagen. We get it. It’s confusing. There’s so much information out there about Marine Collagen benefits, the different types of collagen you can take, and whether collagen is good for you. But you only have to read the Marine Collagen reviews in Australia (and all over the world in fact!) to know it’s worth trying for yourself. So if you’re wondering - where do I start? We’ve pulled together some of your most burning questions about collagen and answered them all. 


Firstly, What is collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein, and it’s the most abundant type of protein in our bodies. It’s the fundamental building block of our connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, skin, bones and muscles. It also assists our bodies in cellular processes like immune response and tissue repair. As we get older, our bodies naturally produce less collagen and you’ll start noticing (and feeling!) signs of ageing; dull skin, wrinkles, achy joints and weaker nails and hair. Luckily, a collagen supplement can help.


Okay then… but what is Marine Collagen?

Marine Collagen is collagen that has been sourced from marine-based sources, and in our case; from fish skin. We sustainably source our premium-quality Marine Collagen from Norway and France, where it’s a by-product of the fishing industry and would otherwise go to waste.

We chose to use Marine Collagen over other types of collagen (such as bovine) because when it comes to collagen supplements, you want to use like for like. Marine Collagen is composed completely of Type I Collagen, which makes up approximately 80% of our skin’s dermal layer. This means that Type I is the best type for beauty benefits. Marine Collagen is also up to 1.5 times more easily absorbed by the body and our particular Marine Collagen can provide benefits in doses as low as 2500mg.

It’s also important to understand where your Marine Collagen is coming from, because it can be made from not-so-nice and not-so-sustainble ingredients like fish bones, scales and shark fins.


Now you know the basics, what are the Marine Collagen powder benefits?

After the age of 20, we begin to produce 1% less collagen in the dermis each year. By the time we hit 40, our collagen and elastin fibres break, thicken, clump together and lose their elasticity, leaving us with wrinkles and fine lines. That’s why things like hydration, sun protection, using quality skincare, and supplementing with Marine Collagen are so important.

Studies have found a whole lot of Marine Collagen benefits, and have shown that Marine Collagen supplements can support skin hydration, support collagen production and help to decrease the breakdown of existing collagen. Research is still continuing to work out exactly how this magic happens, but the current theory is that the collagen you consume “tells” your body to create more collagen.


What does hydrolysed mean for Collagen?

Our Marine Collagen goes through a process called hydrolysis, which is super important to look out for when choosing a collagen supplement! During hydrolysis, large collagen molecules are broken down (via a reaction with water) into smaller molecules that are commonly referred to as peptides. So why’s this so important? Well, since Marine Collagen Peptides have a lower molecular size, they are more easily absorbed by our bodies – making them much more efficient.


How much Collagen should I take each day for glowing skin?

Our Marine Collagen Peptides have been scientifically researched to provide benefits in doses as low as 2,500mg due to its optimum molecular size and high bioavailability.

Our Renew+ Marine Collagen Super Powder is our highest dose product with 6000mg of Marine Collagen per serve, and we recommend one to two servings per day. While we could add more per serve or encourage you to take multiple doses a day, your body can actually only process so much collagen a day. So, adding more collagen doesn’t necessarily translate to better or faster results – it could just mean that you could be flushing your collagen down the toilet. Literally!
Renew+ Marine Collagen Powder beauty supplement and glass sitting on coffee table in morning routine

So what makes your Collagen so special?

They don’t call it the Jeuneora glow for nothing! Our Marine Collagen reviews in Australia and across the world tell us how much our customers love their results. We think it’s down to the fact that we sustainably source premium Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides so the supplements you take are easily absorbed, effective and give you more bang for your buck. Oh, and it helps that none of our Marine Collagen supplements have that fishy taste you sometimes get with other supplements!


Which Marine Collagen supplement is right for me?

Our Renew+ Marine Collagen Super Powder is our most concentrated and unique formulation, as it also features Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant), Hyaluronic Acid (which is super hydrating), Bromelain (a digestive enzyme) and Zeolite (a volcanic mineral detox). It comes in four delicious flavours too.

If you’d rather a flavourless Marine Collagen supplement, you can try our Naked Collagen Marine Collagen Powder which is odourless and heat-resistant so you can mix it into your morning cup of coffee or smoothie. Or, if you prefer your supplements in capsule form, we have our Hair Skin Nails Marine Collagen Capsules which also contain Keratin and Biotin.

Naked Marine Collagen Powder gut supplement stirring into cup of coffee  Woman holding Hair Skin Nails Marine Collagen Capsules beauty supplement.

Marine Collagen reviews Australia

Renew+: “I love this powder. It tastes great and is a good way to help with your daily water intake. I have been told that my skin is glowing. Will continue to use it.” - Sasha V. Australia

Renew+: “Can’t live without this product! Been using this for a while and wow I noticed my skin become so clear and glowy!! I stopped for a little bit, but then realised I had to re stock ASAP!! And boy am I glad I am back, it’s so good! Does everything it says!” - AJ S. Australia

Naked Collagen: “Love it! Have already seen results quite quickly with hair & nails. Love that it is tasteless so i can mix with whatever i choose.Would definitely highly recommend!” - Melanie J. Australia

Hair Skin Nails: “Great! I could deffs notice a difference in my nails, they were much stronger and grew a lot quicker!” - Laura M. Australia

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