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Introducing Hair Skin Nails Capsules!

June 02, 2017

You asked for capsules, so we put our heads together to come up with a premium formula that is specifically targeted to support your hair, skin and nails. We listen to you, we really do! 

We are excited to introduce to you Jeuneora: Hair Skin Nails!

So, what exactly is in these capsules? Glad you asked.

Our proprietary blend of pure Hydrolysed Marine Collagen plus Vitamin C and bio-available keratin works together to support nail and hair growth and strength.

These capsules are great on their own, or used in conjunction with our other premium products for beautiful results inside and out.

Capsules are a great travel companion if you don't want to have to take your powdered supplements with you. As always, we have kept the good stuff in, and left the bad stuff out. No fillers, binders, dyes, bleaches, or preservatives. Just 3 very effective, premium quality ingredients to help you feel fantastic.

About keratin:
Keratin is the protein from which the majority of hair and nails are made. Jeuneora marine collagen, and NZ sourced keratin complex is highly bioavailable making it capable of delivering keratin peptides to the body, particularly to the hair, skin and nails.

These are now available to purchase on our shop, and you save $20 by ordering a two month supply!

Simply take 2-4 capsules daily.

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