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Introducing AquaGlow™

June 01, 2018


We are excited to announce the arrival of our reformulated marine collagen powder Glow! Let us introduce you to...AquaGlow Collagen Powder!


Lemon Lime Splash

and... Tropical Splash!

AquaGlow™ is a lightly natural fruit flavoured, type 1 Marine Collagen peptide powder that can be added to water for easy hydration and support of your skin, hair and nails!

Each AquaGlow™ contains 30 serves (3g per serve) of 2500mg pure Hydrolysed Marine Collagen peptide, as well as 500mg Vitamin C for ultimate absorption. Our flavours are all natural and AquaGlow is sweetened with stevia leaf extract.  

Serving Suggestion - fill your water bottle, or glass, add a 3g scoop of AquaGlow, give it a little shake, and sip your way to beautiful refreshed skin throughout the day. AquaGlow can also be added to a smoothie or fresh juices.

Active Ingredients: Marine Collagen, Vitamin C

Other ingredients: Natural Flavours (peach, tropical, lemon and lime), stevia leaf extract.

As with all our products, we keep the good stuff in, and the unnecessary out! You will not find fillers, added fiber, anti-caking agents, or artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.

What’s the difference between AquaGlow and Renew+ ?

One dose of AquaGlow fits beautifully in between our Renew+ super boost Marine collagen and our Beauty Boosting Hair, Skin Nails Capsules.

Renew+ 6000mg Marine Collagen

AquaGlow 2500mg Marine Collagen

Hair Skin Nails 375mg (per 1 capsule) Marine Collagen

AquaGlow does not contain zeolite and dissolves into a clear liquid when added to water and mixed thoroughly.

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