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Amber Peebles - Getting Glow on the Go

October 02, 2017

Many of you will be familiar with New Zealand's own Amber Peebles - T.V presenter,  ambassador for Westfield, Moët, Seed Heritage, and recently ORA Pure.

Amber has an amazing style blog where she inspires so many of us with the latest on fashion, travel and food. She featured Renew+ on her latest blog, and talked about how it benefits her on the daily.

"When life is at its busiest, you need every bit of energy available, but often it’s exactly the moment you start skipping meals or making bad food choices which results in the opposite of what you need, energy spikes and slumps along with sluggish metabolism and brain fade. I’ve totally been guilty of this, but I’ve recently found a few key moments in my day that when stuck to, keeps me cranking along with high energy, a clear mind, and a healthy glow."

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