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Naked by Jeuneora™

August 13, 2018
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How's that for a title? ;)

You asked for a flavourless Marine Collagen peptide, so we have created one for you! We are super excited to announce our latest edition to the ever growing Jeuneora™ range: our new hydrolysed Marine Collagen peptide Naked Collagen. 

This is our first unflavoured, tasteless Marine Collagen peptide that is possibly our most versatile supplement yet.

What's in it?

Great question, and it's a very easy answer! Naked Collagen by Jeuneora™  contains only 100% type 1 Clinically tested French and Norwegian Hydrolysed Marine Collagen.

As with all our collagen products it is a highly bioavailable and low molecular weight supplement.

1 level teaspoon contains 4000mg (4g) of our pure Marine Collagen.

Why would you want to use Naked Collagen you ask?

Another great question!

Naked has no added flavour or sweetener, which means you can use this in coffee (hooray!) or tea, as well as in savoury foods and drinks such as baking or soups.

Our Marine Collagen is extremely heat stable, so you can also add it to hot beverages, or to frozen foods such as homemade ice blocks.

We know not everyone is a fan of smoothies or flavoured supplements, so with Naked Collagen, you have so many more options. 

How is this different from Renew+ or AquaGlow? (Our powdered drink supplements)

Naked Collagen contains only Marine Collagen peptide (4000mg per dose).

Renew+ contains Marine Collagen plus elastin (6000mg per dose) Zeolite, Vitamin C, natural pineapple flavour, bromelain, citric acid and stevia leaf extract.

AquaGlow contains Marine Collagen (2500mg per dose), Vitamin C, natural flavours and stevia leaf extract.

What's it mainly for?

The Marine Collagen in our Naked Collagen is made from 100% Pure Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, which is scientifically researched and shown to provide support for skin appearance, hydration and elasticity. As with all our Marine Collagen products it also helps support hair, skin, nails and gut health!

One scoop, once a day. Glowing skin, healthy hair and nails. Look good naked! 

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Home / Feature / Naked by Jeuneora™