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Jeuneora Junk Free July - with a difference

July 15, 2019
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In the spirit of New Zealand’s Junk Free June and Dry July we thought this month at Jeuneora, we would concentrate on being junk free - but we don’t necessarily mean just junk food. 

What is Junk? 

And what does ridding yourself of ‘junk’ look like to you?

Is it cutting down on plastic junk? This is a biggie for us, and something we believe strongly in. See our partnership with Terracycle which makes recycling super easy and free for you: Recycle Here

Is it cutting out negative ‘junk’ thoughts that are causing your mind to feel overwhelmed instead of inspired? 

Is it about cutting out toxic people from your life, or addressing toxic relationships? 

Or maybe it really IS simply about cutting out junky foods and replacing them with nourishing food. We want to hear your thoughts! 

Here's what our ambassadors said when we asked them to share their thoughts: 

Millie Elder Holmes:  

"Truly content and happy people do not even entertain the negative or shit that will bring them down...the amount of fucks I refuse to give is now astonishing...I am so unbothered. I simply can’t care because I KNOW HOW PRECIOUS life/time is and I’m not here to waste it on straight BS or upsetting small minded nonsense. It’s July and everyone’s cutting things; alcohol, junk food etc ... but I think the best one is the idea of going junk free all round...
Junk free thoughts
Junk free people
Junk free life 
I’m constantly culling, reducing and refocusing my energy on the stuff that really matters; in all aspects of life... mentally, emotionally, the food I eat, places I go, people I see, conversations I have, products I buy and supplements I take. I’m here for the quality...what about you?" 

Renee Stewart: 

"For me, this month is all about getting back into a healthy routine – The past few months for me haven’t been great in terms of a ‘healthy routine’ and if I am been honest it started to take a toll on me both mentally and physically. So this month I am aiming to move my body more, reduce my intake of junk-food (not going to cut it out completely because #balance and I need chocolate in my life lol), cutting out any negative self-talk, reducing the amount of times I eat out per week and making a conscious effort to take time out for myself and the things that make me feel good. An important part of my routine is remembering to take my ‘feel good’ supplements (aka Jeuneora) daily. (Plus if cutting out plastic junk is a priority for you - you will be pleased to know that these containers are 100% recyclable using the Jeuneora @Terracycle Programme) Seriously though, isn’t it amazing what a bit of routine can do – I haven’t felt this good in a long time and to be honest I am just so happy to have found my mojo again!” 

Elora Harre:
⁣"How many of us love the ocean? But how many of you know that it's in danger?⁣
Our ocean is being threatened by pollution, and as a result our Marine life is dying, which means the whole oceanic ecosystem is at risk! 
Right now, we're in Junk (and plastic) Free July, and I've made a conscious effort to reduce my plastic waste. That means I'm avoiding buying anything in plastic packages, and instead opting for shopping more at farmers markets and places I can take my own bags. Every bit counts - no matter how small you think your contribution is!
What “junk” can you get rid of this July? We'd love to hear your thoughts on social media. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram @Jeuneora
Home / Feature / Jeuneora Junk Free July - with a difference